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On Friday and Saturday dinner service we only take reservations for parties of 4-10 people

Due to the unpredictability of weather, we only reserve inside seating.

We would love to host your event for your group of 12 or more and we do take reservations for larger groups, but those are handed off to our events coordinator, Sue, in order to get the details together and provide you with the best possible experience for your event.  Please click the reservation link below, even if you have a large group, and provide us with as much detail as possible and we will call you in a very short time to start planning your event!

  • No reservations on Monday’s (We are closed on Monday)
  • Reservations available for parties of 2 to 10 Thursday thru Sunday for Lunch
  • Reservations available for parties of 2 to 10 for Dinner Tuesday thru Thursday and Sunday

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We know everyone loves the  view of our wonderful hometown from our rooftop deck.  In order for everyone to have an enjoyable and safe experience there are a few rules when dining with us on the deck.

Table service is seated by the downstairs hostess only, they are not first come first serve.

Servers will greet and take orders from all those seated.  All standing room and bar seats will need to go to the bar to place any orders for food and drinks.

The rooftop deck is off limits after 8PM to any guests under 18 years of age. 

To ensure the safety of our guests dining with us on our beautiful rooftop, all drinks by the glass will be served in GoVino brand Polycarbonate stemware.  

Polycarbonate is a neutral substance which will not affect the texture or taste of your drink.

For those who order wine by the bottle, your wine will be presented in stemless glassware if you are seated at a table or at the bar.

All service in the downstairs dining will be regular glass stemware as is appropriate for the type of drink you order.

Thank you all for your continued support......